From the shoot for the #RareForm EP’s covers… with an Ignant Nate appearance, lolol

    • 11 hours ago


    Produced by Doc Illingsworth. The first official single from the upcoming Rare Form Vol. 1 EP due in May.

    I really do drive a bucket too…with rust cancer…but it gets me to my money…

    • 3 days ago
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    Loooooooong session in progress #RareForm Vol. 1 coming very soon…

    • 2 weeks ago

    @illingsworth up next. …

    • 4 weeks ago
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    #Beathaus in T -5 mins… #Converse #RubberTracks

    • 4 weeks ago

    Get familiar!

    Check out the video “Welcome to MU12”. From the Complex and XXL featured album “Labor Day”, Welcome to MU12 serves as an intro to the groups members, domestic and international.

    Peep the visuals, then head over to:


    And get your copy!

    • 1 month ago
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    Home… #DetroitDay #313Day #313DLove

    • 1 month ago

    I get home to see XXL has also joined the movement… YOUR TURN! #LocalMU12 #hiphop

    • 1 month ago
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    #LaborDay made the front page of iTunes!!! Doooooope! Get yours now! #LocalMU12 #hiphop

    • 1 month ago
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    Labor Day, by Local-Mu12

    Today was the official release of the album Labor Day by Local MU12. With features from Skyzoo, Torae, Rapper Big Pooh, Sadat X, and GLC, the project has gotten attention across the world and the blogosphere… Its time you woke up…

    • 1 month ago